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Mr. Thomas Larkin, the present proprietor, a help write a thesis statement native this city, thirty-five essay online help years old, and has had twenty-three years experience dissertation defense advice in this line. It can easily seen, then, that this gentleman possesses the highest possible qualifications for the work, and the excellence and finish with which accomplished are well accounted for.

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Theo. Amelung', Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fruits and Vegetables in their season, lllli Bedford Avenue. Mr. Amelung, who established this business, originally from Germany, has been a resident Brooklyn many years, and has become thoroughly identified with the business and local affairs the city.

The store, which has a front feet with a depth feet, one the finest and best fitted most attractive and neat in this section the city, and well tided with a choice stock staple and fancy groceries, including the best imported and domestic goods, paraphrasing sources among which are the finest China and Japan dissertation binding teas, pure spices, and fragrant coffees, fruits and vegetables in tin and glass jars puts his own fruits and vegetables five thousand jars the last year. His goods have a wide reputation, and this branch the business constantly increasing, both wholesale and retail. Condiments and table delicacies, preserves, salt coursework help uk can you write my research paper and smoked meats, fish and provisions generally, and foreign and domestic fruits, etc.

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when in season. Under the judicious management Mr.

Amelung his business place has become a popular resort, as well known the community that they can obtain here just what they Pattison Reeve, Commission Merchants in Butter, Cheese, Eggs, etc.

West Avenue, corner South Street, Wallabout Market.

In the line butter, cheese, and eggs Pattison Reeve occupy a conspicuous position.

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The individual members the firm are Charles Pattison and Stephen Keeve. The former a native Kingston, Ulster county, and the latter was born Long Island. These gentlemen founded their enterprise in Park Place, and October, buy thesis uk took possession theirpresent establishment. This a two-story frame building, feet in dimensions. It ver neatly fitted admirably arranged, and presents a clean, inviting appearance. The firm conduct an extensive trade in butter, cheese, eggs, etc. and they are daily in receipt heavy consignments from the best farming districts, and are always in a position supply dealers with the choicest farm products at the most reasonable prices, while their facilities for promptly filling all orders are the most essay writer software ample and complete character. Having a ready market and prompt sales for all consignments, the firm are enabled make prompt and satisfactory returns consignors. The members the firm are well and favorably known among their fellow-merchants. house Mr.

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