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The auction rooms consist two entire floors, each feet, fitted in a handsome and attractive manner. The firm also have a four-story brick building at the southeast corner Henry and Cranberry dissertations writing services streets, its dimensions feet, where they always carry a large stock merchandise. The members the firm, Joseph Hegeman and Arthur Winnington, pay special and personal attention sales furniture, etc. at private houses in Brooklyn, New York, and vicinity, the charges being moderate and sales guaranteed.

Furniture all kinds stored at low rates.

Both members the firm are natives Flatbush. This house was established the present proprietor.

The premises arespacious and convenient.

The store very handsomely fitted with marble-top counters and silver-mounted show-cases a very elaborately constructed soda-water fountain also forms a portion the equipments. The stock consists a carefully selected assortment fresh, pure drugs and chemicals, proprietary medicines and remedies well-known merit and reputation, fancy toilet articles, perfumeries, mineral waters foreign and domestic production in short, every article which may rightly thought in connection with a firstclass pharmacy.

Proofread my essay

There no department the retail drug business important as the careful, conscientious, and intelligent compounding physicians prescriptions and family recipes, and this branch the trade holds a paramount position in this establishment, and no one more fully appreciates the responsibility than Mr. Wedel when engaged in performing such duties.

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He was born in Germany, and has been a resident this country thirty-seven years.

fine grocery house Mr. Henry Hohns was established in May, and the fine, fresh quality the merchandise has given the proprietor a more than local popularity. His store has a frontage feet and a depth feet, and very tastefully fitted He carries in stock full lines pure and reliable groceries, teas, custom assignment writing coffees, family flour, domestic fruits, choice butter, eggs, cheese, and general produce, where can i buy term papers and successfully competes with any other dealer in the city.

A specialty made the best creamery butter, and the stock always fresh, choice, and reliable. A competent staff assistants are employed and dissertation writing service uk prompt attention paid all orders. Goods are delivered free any part the city without delay. Mr. Hohns a native Germany, and during the time has been in business has proved himself George Haag, Hats and Caps, Ewen Street. Founded during the first half, this house recognized as a permanent and valuable factor in the mercantile affairs the city. The salesroom a feature the neighborhood in which located, and commands the attention all the attractive and interesting display makes. The stock carried and liberally online personal statement writing service drawn upon customers includes hats, caps, english essay help online and gentlemen's headwear every description. The goods are shown in wide variety, the exhibition embracing every degree quality, from the cheapest the most costly.

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