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Each disposition this kind, whether made in the form the appointment an heir, or in the form a legacy, shall produce its effects according the rules hereafter established for universal legacies, legacies under universal title, or special legacies. A universal legacy a testamentary disposition which the testator gives one or several persons the whole the property which may community service essay sample leave at his death. When, at the death the testator, there are heirs whom a part his property reserved law, such heirs are seized right upon his death all the property the succession and the universal dissertation project legatee obliged demand them the deUvery the property included in the wHl.

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Nevertheless, in the same cases the universal legatee shall have the enjoyment the property included in the will from the day the death, if the demand for delivery has been made within help with papers one year from that time and if not, such enjoyment shall only commence from the day an action has been brought in court or from the time the delivery may have been voluntarily consented. When, at the death the testator, there are no heirs whom a portion the property reserved law.

the universal legatee shall seized right the property at the death the testator, without being bound demand.

Every holographic will shall, before enforced, presented the Presiding Justice the Tribunal First Instance the District in which the succession becomes open.

The will shall opened, if sealed. The Presiding Justice shall thesis writing tips draw an official report the presentation, the opening, and, the condition the will, and shall order that the same deposited in the hands a notary appointed him.

If the will in the mystic form, where to buy papers its presentation, its opening, the description thereof, and its deposit, shall made in the same manner but the opening can only take place in the presence the notaries and witnesses having signed the certificate superscription who may found at the place, or who may cited. If the will holographic, or mystic, in the case provided article, the universal legatee shall bound obtain possession upon an order the Presiding Justice, placed at the foot the petition, which shall annexed the certificate deposit.

The universal legatee who takes with an heir whom the law reserves a portion the property shall liable personally the extent his share, and way mortgage upon the whole property, for the debts and charges the testator's succession and shall bound pay all the legacies, excepting in case a reduction, as explained in articles and.

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Legacies under Universal Title.

A legacy under universal title one which the testator bequeaths a certain portion the property which the law allows him dispose, such as a half, a third, or all his real estate, or all his personal estate, or a given portion all his real estate, or all his personal property.

Any other legacy only constitutes a disposition under special title.

Legatees under universal title are bound demand dehvery from the heirs whom a portion the property reserved law if there are no such heirs, they shall make the demand the universal legatees, or if there are none, the heirs having rights in the order established in the Title Of Successions. A legatee under universal title liable in the same manner as a universal legatee for the debts and charges the testator's succession personally the extent his part and share, and way mortgage upon the. When a testator has only bequeathed a part the portion which can dispose and has done universal title, the legatee shall bound pay the specific legatees pro rata with the natural heirs. Any ordinary legacy cheap custom term papers shall give the legatee, from the day the testator's death, a right the thing bequeathed, which right can transmitted his heirs or Nevertheless, the specific legatee cannot take possession the thing bequeathed, nor claim the revenue or the interest thereof, paraphrasing graphic organizer before the time when has made his demand for delivery according essay writer reviews the manner specified article, or from the time when such delivery has been voluntarily consented. The interest or income the thing bequeathed shall accrue the legatee from the day the death and without any action having been brought him in court. When the testator has expressly declared his wish. When an annuity or a pension has been website that writes papers for you bequeathed . The expenses the action for delivery shall paid the succession, but nevertheless, the legal reserve shall not reduced professional thesis writer in consequence thereof. The taxes for registration shall due the legatee. All which is done, unless otherwise directed Each legacy can registered separately, but such registration can only benefit the legatee or his legal representatives, and nobody else.

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