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During the febrile stage the ! the cool or cold bath, cool or cold compressing and sponging, regulated the temperature and condition the patient, will greatly increase hia comfort as well as lower the temperature. If the patient vigorous and the local heat and irritation severe, the prolonged cold douche and local mba essay editing service application ice will often mitigate the symptoms and almost entirely relieve the suffering. Care should taken, however, not push the sedative effect cold too far, especially when there a great deal cedema and the patient feeble, as may cause stagnation and favor destruction tissue.

If the part affected one the extremities, care should taken prevent engorgment that portion below the diseased part, caused the pressure from the inflamed tissue above interfering with venous Perhaps a report a few the cases I have treated or Seen treated successfully with water, will interest the Case I, a child three years old, delicate constitution, although never before really sick. When first seen, head and face badly inflamed and swollen, patient restless and delirious.

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First treatment a warm full bath twenty minutes duration, reduced quite cool for five minutes before patient was taken out.

Patient became quiet in the bath. Local applications hut water means fomentations made for fifteen minnteB every hour head and face between the fomentations the parts were kept covered with cold compresses, changed every ten minutes.

At the end the second hour the child sank into a quiet sleep three hours and awoke rational.

Treatment continued two days longer. Child made a good recovery.

I survived, and only ceded momeulariiy quinia was abated digitaiis I remained buy cheap thesis online days mrmal then remounted, and remained elevated anew These two cases have translated as showing similarity two our leases. The first case, quoted from Bernheimn, We have tried more than fifty times in malarial fevers, and never recei ed any benefit. Eucalyptus I cannot praise, as some have, a the treatment malarial fevers. I have not received the beneficial influences claimed for some. In chronic malarial infection, where quinia does not fit the patient, or has been given until the system has beoome english paper help indifferent its influences, I has proved beneficial research paper buy in bands, I think Quinia, digitalis and coolish or cold sponging, or the moderate bath, are the best means, far as experience goes, subdue hyper In contributing something that may tend keep an interest in our newly organized society, and some practical use its members, I will give a short history several cases ovarian disease that have come under personal observation and treatment within the last eight years. T shall only mention some the prominent features and circumstances connected with each case, and upon these make such comments as I consider some practical utility. an abdomen greatly enlarged. She dates the commencement the enlargement about one year previous the time when I tirst saw her but from that time she enlarged rapidly, and her health became impaired. Had difficulty in breathing, inability lie'down, emaciation, etc. together with a tumor, presenting external the need help to write an essay vulva, as large as tist, the surface which was excoriated and sore, giving her much discomfort when erect She could press the tumor back when in the recumbent posture. The enlarged abdomen gave a distinct sense fluctuation in all parts, but most distinct above the umbilicus there was a slight tympanitic sound in this region when lying upon the back. Palpation and the hypodermic syringe made manifest a large ovarian cystoma, floating in a large quantity ascitic essay writer service fluid. The tumor protruding external the vulva proved connected with the peritoneal cavity, and was an elongation Douglas's cul-de-sac and filled with ascitic fluid. Diagnosis An operation for removal was advised, which was made a short incision in the mesial line.

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