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The Ricci, the Strozzi, and other influential families sided with the Albizzi.

The Popolo Minuto saw the danger which threatened the liberty the tradespeople and artisans, but in Salvestro de Medici, whose family ranked among the first the Popolo Grasso, the popular Salvestro was appointed the office Gonfaloniere Giustizia Marchionne Coppo Stefani, Delizie degli Eruditi Toscani. in, and at once summoned an assembly the people in the Palazzo Vecchio.

An immense throng filled, not only the Palace, but the Piazza della Signoria. Upon Salvestro's threat retire from office, under the opposition the oligarchical party, dire confusion arose, and, at the height the excitement, Benedetto degli Alberti looked out a window and shouted Viva This was the spark which fell upon inflammable material. The cry was re-echoed through the city. Shops were closed and the whole the populace was under arms.

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TheParte Guelfa best seo article writing service also armed, but did not dare provoke an encounter with the masses, who surged from every quarter the city.

The Consuls the Greater Guilds intervened, but no effect, and the armed Companies the Guilds under their banners marched into the Piazza. The V supposed these Bands were arrayed against them, and at once the spark blazed into flame, which devoured the palaces the Albizzi, Pazzi, Strozzi, Soderini, Castiglionchi, Caviccioli, Buondelmonti, Serragli buy research papers no plagiarism cheap and other noble families.

Fire was put the Residences the Consuls the Guilds, and some them were wholly destroyed, whilst the archives, paying someone to write a paper documents, and the rolls matriculation, many the Guilds were ruthlessly consumed.

A reign terror followed, and cheap essays for sale the city was given over pillage and outrage. At length an attack was made upon the Supreme Magistracy sitting at the Palazzo Vecchio. The magistrates fled, and the mob, headed a wool-comber called Michele Lando, bearing the Gonfalon Justice, which had been seized at the Office the Gonfaloniere, rushed into the Council Chamber. Lando turned about, and facing his followers, cried out, See the Palace yours, and the city wholly in your hands.

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What Make you Gonfaloniere college paper writing service Giustizia! was the tumultuous A new Government was installed July consisting nine Priors, three from the Seven Greater Guilds, three from the Fourteen Lesser Guilds, and three from three new Guilds Operatives, the latter being enrolled in response the demand the Lando was confirmed in the office Gonfaloniere Giustizia who, as writes Dino Compagni, in courage, prudence, and goodness surpasssed any citizen that time, and deserved remembered among the few who have done good their The other demands Ciompi were agreed namely The reduction the taxes.

The increase State interest upon workmen's savings. The rescinding laws against small debtors. The recall exiled workpeople, and. The extension the municipal franchise. The three new Guilds, with research paper thesis the assistance the Nine Commerce and the Ten Liberty, were established under rules and regulations similar the Statutes the Greater Guilds. The first these Subordinate Guilds was made nine or ten thousand Wool-washers, Wool-sorters, Wool-beaters, Woolcombers, and Wool-carders, who had hitherto been attached the Great Wool Guild. To this Corporation was granted a banner bearing a figure the Angel Judgment with a sword and a The Second Guild was composed Dyers, Fullers, Cardingcomb-makers research dissertation and Loom-makers, and Weavers wool, silk and flax their banner displayed a white arm upon a vermilion field, the hand holding a sword upon which was inscribed Giustizia The Third Guild united together Sheep-shearers, Butchers, Menders skins, Hosiers, Knitters, Tailors, Makers doublets, banners, hospital ornaments, sandals, etc. etc. Their banner bore the Divine Arm with a red sleeve, thrust out a cloud and holding a branch olive.

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