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In case the testator should not able speak, but can write, may make a mystic will, provided the will entirely written, dated and signed in his hand, and the same presented the notary and the witnesses, and provided writes at the top the certificate superscription, in the presence the witnesses, that the paper which presents his will after which the notary shall write out the certificate superscription in which shall mention that the testator has written these words in the presence the notary and the witnesses, and everything that specified in article shall likewise followed. The witnesses called present essays about community service at the making wills shall males full age, subjects the King citizens the Republic who have the enjoyment their. Of special rules applying the forms certain Wills. Amended Law June. Wills soldiers and sailors the State, and persons employed in the armies, may received, in the cases and under the conditions specified in article, either a field cer in the presence two witnesses, or two employees the commissariat, or o£B.cers the commissaryship, or one these employees or officers in the presence two witnesses or finally, in a separate detachment, the officer commanding this detachment, with the assistance two witnesses, if there does not exist in the detachment any field officer, employees the commissariat, or officer the The will the officer commanding a separate detachment.

Thesis writing

may received the one coming after him in rank.

Amended Law June. The wills mentioned in the foregoing article can also received in hospitals or military field ambulances, if the testator ill or wounded, the head physician, with the assistance the officer having charge the management the same. If there no officer in charge the management the same, the presence two witnesses shall necessary.

Amended Law June. In all cases a duplicate the wills mentioned in the two foregoing If this formality could not compKed with owing the state health the testator, a certified copy the will shall made take the place the duplicate this certified copy shall signed the attesting witnesses and officers.

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The causes help me with my essay which have prevented the duplicate from being made shall mentioned.

So soon as communications are re-established, and within the shortest cambridge essay service time, the two originals, or the original and the certified copy the will, shall addressed separately professional thesis writing service i need someone to write my research paper and different maUs, under closed and sealed cover, the Minister War or the Navy, filed with the notary mentioned in the will, and in case none should mentioned, with the President the Notaries Association the District the last domicil.

. Amended Law June. A will made in the manner above set forth shall become void six months after the testator has returned a place where able comply with the ordinary formalities, unless, before the expiration such time, should again buy dissertation online come under one the special cases specified in article.

The will shall then valid during the time situated, and during a new period six months after its expiration. Wills made in a place with which all communications are intercepted, account a plague or other contagious disease, may made before the Justice the Peace, or before one the municipal officers the District, in the presence two witnesses. This provision shall apply as well those who are suffering from such diseases as those who are in the places thus stricken, even if such persons are not. The wills mentioned in the two foregoing articles shall become void six months after communications have been re-established with the place where the testator or six months after has gone another place where. Amended Law June. During the course a sea voyage, either at sea or during a stoppage in port, if impossible have any communication with land, proquest thesis database or if the port being in a foreign country, there no French diplomatic or consular agent performing the duties a notary, the wills the persons present board shall received in the presence two witnesses, the ships the navy the paymaster, or in his absence the commander or the officer acting as such, and other ships the captain, commander or master, with the assistance the first mate the ship, and in their absence those The instrument shall mention such the circumstances above set forth under which has been drawn. Amended Law June. On the ships the State, the will the paymaster shall, under the circumstances mentioned in the foregoing article, received the commander or the officer acting as such, and if there no paymaster the will the commander shall received the one coming after him in On other ships, custom essay writing services reviews the will the captain, commander or master, or the first mate, shall, under the same circumstances, received those next after them in rank. Amended Law June.

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