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In all cases a duplicate the wills mentioned in the two foregoing If this formality could not complied with account the state health the testator, a certified copy the will shall drawn take the place the duplicate this certified copy shall signed the witnesses and the attesting cers.

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The causes which have prevented the dupHcate from being made shall mentioned. Amended Law June.

At the first stoppage in a foreign port where a French diplomatic or consular agent found, one the originals, or the certified copy the will, shall delivered, under closed and sealed cover, this official, who shall forward the Minister the Navy, in order that may filed, as Amended Law June. Upon the arrival the ship in a French port, the two originals the will, or the original and the certified copy, or the original which remains in case transmission or delivery during the course the voyage, shall filed, under closed and sealed cover, for the ships the State, at the office Equipment, and for the other ships, at the office Maritime Inscriptions. Each these papers shall addressed, separately and different where to buy a term paper mails, the Minister the Navy, who shall forward them as stated in article.

Amended Law June.

The delivery the originals or certified copies the will made in accordance with the provisions the foregoing articles, at the consulate, at the office Equipment, or at the office Maritime Inscriptions, shall mentioned the roll the ship opposite the name the testator.

Proquest thesis database

Amended Law June. A will made during the course paraphrasing apa style a sea voyage in the manner specified in articles seq. shall only valid if the testator dies board, or within six months after landing in a place where could have made over again in the Nevertheless, if the testator undertakes a new sea journey before the expiration that essay help introduction time, the will shall vahd during the continuance such voyage, and during a new period six months after the testator phd online has landed again. Amended Law June.

The provisions contained in a will made during the course a sea voyage in favour the officers the ship other than those who are blood relatives or relatives marriage the testator, shall null and void.

The same rule shall apply whether the will made in the holographic form, or made in accordance with articles. Amended Law June. The provisions articles, or, according circumstances, shall read the testator in the presence the witnesses, and shall mentioned in the will that the. Amended Law June. The wills referred the foregoing articles the present section shall signed the testator, those who have received. Amended Law June. need help writing a scholarship essay If the testator declares that cannot or does not know how sign, his declaration shall mentioned, and also the cause which In the cases in which the presence two witnesses required, the will shall signed one them at least, and the cause for which the other has not signed shall mentioned. A Frenchman who in a foreign country can make his will an instrument under private signature, as specified in article, or a public instrument, according the form in use in the place where such instrument shall. Wills made in a foreign country can only enforced as the property situated in France when they have been registered at the office the testator's domicil, if proquest thesis search has retained one, and if not, at the office his last known domicil in France and in case the will contains provisions relating real estate which situated in France, shall also registered at the office the place where such real estate situated, but no double tax shall charged. Unless the formalities custom essays cheap which the various kinds wills are subject the provisions the present and foregoing sections have been complied with, the wills shall void. the Appointment Heirs and Legacies. Testamentary dispositions are either universal, or under universal title, or under special title.

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