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The depositions witnesses shall received the Tribunal sitting with closed doors in the presence the Public Prosecutor, the parties and their counsel or friends, not numbering more than three each side. The parties may make, themselves or through their friends, such remarks, or put such questions the witnesses as they shall deem proper, but they cannot interrupt them during. Each deposition shall taken down in writing, as also all statements and remarks which has occasioned.

The official report the investigation shall read the witnesses as well as the parties all them, shall requested sign and shall stated whether they have signed or whether they have declared that they could not or ivouM not sign.

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After the two investigations have been closed, or if the investigation the plaintiff has been closed, in case the defendant should not have produced any witnesses, the Tribunal sends the parties heard at a public sitting, which names the day and hour orders that the papers shall submitted the Public Prosecutor and appoints a Judge make a report.

This order shall served upon the defendant at the instigation the plaintiff, within. Upon the day named for the final judgment a report shall made the Judge appointed therefor the parties may thereafter, either themselves or through their counsel, present such remarks as they may deem useful their case thereafter the Public Prosecutor gives his findings. The final judgment rendered publicly when grants the divorce, the plaintiff shall authorized before the officer civil status have the divorce pronounced. were repealed the law tli April. WTien the action for divorce has been brought for violence, cruelty or gross insults, the Judges may, even if the case sufficiently well substantiated, not grant the divorce immediately. In such case, before granting the relief, they shall authorize the wife leave her husband and not compelled receive him, if she chooses not and they shall order the husband pay her alimony in proportion his means, if buy an english phd writer research paper the wife herself has not a sufficient income provide.

After a test one year, if the parties have not come together again, the plaintiff husband or wife can cause the other cited appear before the Tribunal within the time allowed law, hear the Court render its final judgment, which shall then grant the divorce. When the divorce asked for the ground that the husband or wife has been sentenced a degrading corporal punishment, the only formalities complied with shall present the Tribunal First Instance a duly certified copy the decision passing sentence, with a certificate the clerk the Court establishing that this decision can no longer altered ordinary legal means.

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The certificate the clerk shall certified the Attorney dissertation thesis writing General or the Republic's Attorney. Incase appeal from the judgment admitting the complaint, or from the final judgment rendered the Tribunal First Instance in a divorce suit, the case shall prepared and decided the Imperial Court Court Appeal as an.

An appeal shall not admitted unless has been made within two months from the day the service the judgment, when the defendant has appeared, or when the judgment has been rendered default.

The time appeal the Court Cassation from a judgment the higher Court shall also two months from the service.

The appeal. proquest dissertation database Inconsequence help with essay any judgment granting a divorce, which has been rendered the highest court or has become custom essay writing canada final, the husband or wife who has obtained shall bound appear, within a period ttco months, before the officer civil status have the divorce pronounced, the other party. These two months shall only begin run against judgments in the first instance after the expiration the time appeal against decrees rendered default appeal, after the expiration the time open the default and against judgments the highest court, when the defendant has appeared, after the expiration the time for the appeal the. The plaintiff husband or wife who has allowed the period two mouths above referred to elapse icithout summoning tJie other before the officer civil status, shall lose the benefit the judgment obtained, and shall only able begin another action for divorce for a new cause in such case however the former causes may brought foncard. Of the Provisional Measures which an Action for Divorce. The provisional custody the children shall belong the husband, whether plaintiff or defendant in a divorce suit, unless tJie Tribunal makes a different order at the request either the mother or the family or the Public Prosecutor, for the greater advantage the children. The wife, whether plaintiff or defendant in a divorce suit, may leave the domicil the husband during the proceedings and ask for alimony in proportion the means the husband. The Tribunal selects the house where the wife shall bound reside, and fixes, if proper, the alimony which the husband shall bound pay her. To these two illustrations may added buy essays online yahoo answers a case in Victoria The tongue, raw in expert assignment writers help write an essay online patches, was scholarly paper writing services term papers to buy only one the sinister symptoms a girl exhibited when taken into wards. how to buy essay Knowing the danger involved in these cases with even a guarded dietary setting diarrhoea, which goes tuberculous ulceration the bowel from this link link cover letter writing service sydney buy original research papers a bitter experience help me write i need help with my coursework a speech I ordered her milk thesis only phd and malt-extract, and nothing else. I went custom written link papers off autumn holiday without any hope seeing this dissertation writers hire patient again. To surprise ancV satisfaction, this return, check she was not only need help with my dissertation alive but considerably better. 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