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and upward ten expert and experienced hands are employed.

Boilers, engines, flywheels, stills, tanks, safes, machinery every description are put in and taken out buildings, and placed foundations, particular attenbeing given hoisting girders, columns, beams, and store fronts, and hydraulic jacks, winches, and screws are let at all times. Heavy boilers and machinery, large oil tanks, stills, etc. are moved and lightered any point, and teams and trucks are furnished for hire, and estimates are promptly given need help writing research paper all classes work when required.


Carr a native Massachusetts. This house makes a specialty erecting sugar-house machinery, and moving or boating large oil tanks. All their hoisting done steam, andthis the only house the county that does heavy hoisting signal success, his tapes being sold extensively in America, while large quantities are exported the West Indies, India, and Australia. The manufacturing premises need help writing a term paper are very commodious, and are equipped with all modern appliances, dies, printing presses, and other special machinery necessary for the successful and systematic conduct this unique business. Much the machinery, which has gained great notoriety and fame for this responsible firm, was invented Mr. Geo.

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Best resume writing services for teachers

Eddy, and admirably adapted for the purposes for which employed.

Fifty experienced workmen are employed in the works, and the machinery essay editor operated a twenty-five horse-power steam engine. The annual production measuring tapes Geo.

Eddy Co.'s factory amounts upward.

These measuring tapes are unrivaled i need a essay written for finish, quality, accuracy, reliability, and general excellence essay proofreading and editing those any other first-class house in the trade in this country or Europe and are general favorites wherever introduced, while the prices quoted for cheapest custom essays them are much lower than those the imported articles.

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They also manufacture hair pins, button hooks, corkscrews, and measures for advertising. Mr. Geo. Eddy a type the self-made man, who rises his own ability, energy, and probity from a modest position a foremost place in manufacturing circles. His energetic business men, as widely known for their business capacity and integrity. The strictest honor characterizes all the transactions this progressive house, and those who enter into business relations with can always rely securing advantages not obtainable elsewhere. Coombe Miller, Manufacturers Slate Mantels, Patent Slate Washtubs, Nostrand Avenue. Prominent among the most successful and enterprising members the important trade they honorably represent in this city the well-known firm Coombe Miller. Since these gentlemen formed a copartnership for the transaction this business the manifest excellence and superiority the productions they have kept in the market have brought the latter into great demand, and the circle their patronage being constantly widened.

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