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If this resistance has not been overcome the preparaI tions nature for the final liberation the child, the muscular fibres creating this resistance are quite as amenable the contracting power ergot as any other portions the uterus, and this contracting force the muscles the neck are drawn firmly together dissertation editing services below the child, use a homely but expressive illustration, as the farmer draws the purse strings around his cash, and the child st-.curely tied in the uterus and must remain there until relaxation occurs. The ergotic contractions the uterus are often persistent that may have wait a long time for this relaxation take place and permit the labor i proper state in this connection that in women I relaxed fibre and roomy pelvis, or if there danger from post partum hemorrhage, and the uteri sufficiently dilated sdmit the easy passage the child, and the child's head well down upon the perineum and beginning emerge through the vulva, proper give a decided dose ergot prevent hemorrhage. Even then the life the child may sacrificed if delivery from some unforseen cause should delayed beyond a reasonable time.

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Another objection the unnecessary use ergot in ordinary practice the frequency nrith which after-pains appear follow its administration, and oontmue from twelve thirty-six hours in spite oput ie They are often terribly distressing that the patient, instead, Bing in that quiet, serene and happy state tranquility that the trying, iiideacribahle ordeal through which she has just passed entitleis her restless, anxious, and suffers puna intense, and, in somf instances, in the aggregate equal tfaoso Prof. Wood will accepted as reliable authority for some the precautions against the improper use ergot here mentioned. If ergot given in small doses during labor, the pains are simply intensified. In doses large enough have a decided effect their oharaoler altered. They become not only more severe, but much more prolonged, than normal, and hually the intervals relaxation appear completely.ibolished, and what had been intermittent expulsive efforts are changed into one violent, continuous strain. If the resistance sufficiently great, may endanger the safety both the mother and the child.

The dangers the mother are threefold convulsions or congestions the top rated essay writing service brain, from the longcontinued force the blood upon the brain rupture the uterus, not a very frequent oocurrence, but one much dreaded, because almost necessarily fatal the third source danger the soft parts.

If they unrelaxed and sufficiently unyielding, there will rupture the perineum. The improper use ergot far more serious in its effects the child than upon the mother.

Living a dependent life in utero, and yet subject the same laws in regard its needed supply oxygen that characterizes its independent life after birth, whatever deprives blood freshly aerated the mother's lungs and supplied through cheap writing services uk the placental circulation, destroys the child in the womb as certainly closing the air passages strangulation would cause its death from asphyxia after its existence became dependant upon the external air. During a violent uterine contraction the passage the blood from the placenta the child must interfered with, in other words, the supply oxygen the fcetus temporarily suspended, that its life depends upon the aeration the blood during the intervals between the pains. If the intervals much shortened, the life the child greatly imperiled, and if they abolished must destroyed unless delivery occurs in a very short time. If consult the older masters can you write my research paper in midwifery shall find that the medicine was then recommended at improper times and resulted in the death multitudes children, the larger proportion being still orn, but a considerable proportion were lost convulsions a few hours after delivery, and their deaths traceable their having imbibed the poison the ergot while in utero, and its baneful influence continuing upon their organization even after they had ceased subject its immediate operation. Dr. Ramsbotham says, in speaking inducing premature labor, that ergot does exert in some instances a prejudicial influence over the foetus in utero for the fifty-five children bom after the administration the medicine, though thirty-three were born alive, five died in convulsions speedily after birth.

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As evidence that recommended its use for the expulsive powers possesses, only necessary call attention a table in which this author sums the difference in the time which elapsed between the puncturing the membrane and the expulsion the child in those cases where the medicine was administered, and in the cases where not given, as follows cases where the medicine was not administered the average was hours, while in the cases where the medicine was administered the average amounted only hours.

When take into consideration his report cases where the medicine was administered, in which were bom dead and died convulsions speedily after birth, would appear an innocent means After detailing the above statistics, comes the following conclusions, which volunteers in the way advice When the ergot used, presuming that exerts and renders manifest its specific influence over thesis phd the uterus, would appear the best practice not persist with the medicine until the time when the child the point being bom, but rather give only ? eight or ten doses, and desist from its use when the uteri has acquired the diameter half-a-orown or a crown pieoe, then rupture the membranes. By acting in this way, prolonged compression the funis and the placenta will prevented, while at the same time the quantity the medicine taken the mother will not hnve been sufficient oecasion any mjury the rhild health in the generality cases. In our own country, Dr. Meigs delivers Home very significant words warning when says A labor effected the contraction the muscular fibres the womb, aided the abdominal muscles. If all the powers employed in a tabor could accumulated in college admission essay editing services one single pain, lasting as long as all the pains no woman probably could escape with life from great an agony, except that small number who are met with whose organs, for them, make no resistance, but open spontaneously, like a door, let the ftetus pass out. By a beneficent law the economy, the pains labor are shorty not lasting more than thirty or forty seconds in general, returning once in three or six minutes, Under such pains or contractions, however powerful, thA Btus safe for, as soon as the contraction over, ties the womb, free from pressure, and the placenta, which during the contraction had been violently compressed betwixt the womb which lie and the child within the cavity, that placenta, I say, recovers its circulation and continues during the absence the pain perform all the bronchial offices that belong But if an ergotic pain produced last thirty minutes, in case where the placenta the fundus uteri, and jammed for thirty minutes against the child breach, without an instani relaxation, who can doubt that the circulation eithei wholly or nearly abolished, and that when the child emerges a last from the mother's womb will emerge quite dead, or in profound asphyxia, from the long suspension its placental Multitudes children are born dead from this ver cause, the imprudent exhibition a medicine which as oei tainly excites spasms the womb as nux vomica does that In the March number the Detroit Lancet I contributed a paper The therapeutic value ergot, in which was enumerated a number diseases in which practitioners, reasoning from its physiological action, had discovered that was indicated as a valuable therapeutic agent.

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