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I have treated some cases heamaturia with unmistakably essay service cheap good results.

The remedy appears exert its good effects in this disease as does in many others, contracting and lessening cheap write my essay the calibre the i need help with writing a essay veins and arteries through its peculiar power contracting muscular fibre, and in this manner arrests hemorrhage. It also arrests profuse perspiration contracting the capillaries, and the same good office may realized all undue secretions and In treatment tumors the uterus, its contracting power over the muscles the organ forces the tumor down, and facilitates its removal.

Websites to help write an essay

As in these cases there nearly always hemorrhage, the remedy signal service as a hemostatic. In chronic sub-acute metritis lessens the vascularity the organ contracting the blood vessels, and inducing a state tonic contraction aids in securing a healthy tone the In leucorrhoea and profuse menstruation associated together fulfills all the indications, and will found an In that sad and disgusting infirmity, incontinence urine, where the contractility the bladder has been impaired relaxation its coats, or from immoderate distention, possess in ergot, when systematically administered, a remedy peculiarly adapted the contraction the muscular fibres, and giving tone the coats the organ as cure vesical paralysis, upon which this disease usually depends.

Where cases hematemesis have resisted the usual remedies, such as lead, opium and sulphuric acid, ergot has been reported successful, with no more vomiting blood aft the second dose. Its internal administration in cases this kind recommended custom college papers the fact that neither a stimulant nor The well established power possessed ergot over the circular muscular fibres has suggested the use this remedy in pneumonia, and the results have been most satisfactory, in some cases creating quite an enthusiasm in its favor the temperature was reduced, dyspnoea less troublesome, sputum containing less blood, cough much less painful and less frequent indeed, marked improvement in all the symptoms. It has recently been claimed for that possesses the power In gonorrhoea and gleet and in spermatorrhoea, good results are claimed have been secured from the administration In view its physiological action may expect good results in diarrhoea, particularly where dysenteric symptoms are found.

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It will exert a good influence over derangements the heart, especially where the cardiac action enfeebled. Ergot meets all the indications in the treatment whooping cough arresting undue secretion, and contracting overdistended blood-vessels. The same power gives a prominence in the treatment enlargement the spleen. Its physiological control over the blood-vessels the spinal cord and brain, gives this remedy a specific influence over their congestions and inflammations and in the delirium low congestive forms fever.

In the hospitals Europe they are now treating severe cases typhoid fever with the remedy in question.

I shall condense the statement the first a number cases reported from the Hospital Lariboisiere, admitted day the disease. The tongue was very dry and brown, the gums were covered with sordes, speech was difficult, and the ideas confused. At night there was constant delirium, with subsultus and other nervous phenomena, great pain in the back the neck, opisthotonos at times, and symptoms like meningitis. The next day the abdomen was retracted and signs collapse seemed portend an early death. Thirty grains ergot given during the day.

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On the following morning there was a considerable modification all the grave symptoms. The muscular twitchiugs had ceased, the abdomen less drawn in, and the general condition improved. The ergot was continued three days, after which time indications danger had entirely disappeared, and the fever ran its course with moderate severity. As a reliable and indispensable remedy in uterine hemorrhages has no equal and in inertia the uterus for increasing both the force and frequency the contractions and the expulsive power the uterus in parturition, its efficacy and value are well understood and freely admitted the profession. So much has recently been written attesting the therapeutic value ergot, that will prove both a subject interest and profit all who will undertake its perusal. Dr. John Cook claimed that ergot was a remedy much great essay writers value in the treatment yellow fever, especially in the hemorrhagic forms that disease.

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