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There no appreciable difference, as concerns I the effect upon the organism, between the child stunted I porerty and one growing rapidly under good hygienic conditions with wholesome food. In both, the system impoverishei! both lead tubercular deposit if kept sufficiently long, and I pain a rheumatic character.

Every one knows that catching cold from chilling the I surface likely followed symptoms buy school papers online rheumatism I more or less marked, and this from observation repeated a sand times over, but every one does not know or fully ajipreciate buy university thesis that the consequence such ejfposiire more disastrous the J child than the adult. The resulting arthritic symptoms not due simply the retention the effete matter arrested in egress from the sktn, for well known that the interchange functions vicarious best college essay help action between the skin and kidneys close and compensatory as at once effectual.

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Diuresis attends at once upon the surface, thus affording J a ready escape for poisons retained. Moreover, the extent severitv any case rheumatism exposure bears no rela I tion the extent surface exposed.

Two ont twenty cases I observed during the past year were diagnosed while attending I another patient in the house or family, attention being I called the complaint pain or weariness in the limbs.

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So slight were these symptoms that they elicited no anxiety the! part parents, who were kind in all matters pertaining the family.

In one these cases chorea followed upon the rheum-aiiam, and endocarditis, with permanent mitral lesion, termini nated the case.

In the other the symptoms yielded treaimenfej the rheumatism, and have not since returned.

The danger in these eases out all proportion the severity pain or the extent the local manifestation.

The child whose ankle or elbow hurts to-day, may, the morrow, the subject a disease which may speedily kill or send an invalid through a life The following cases have been selected as possessing more than ordinary interest, and are inserted in this place as illustrative some important points in the etiology, progress and sequelse the disease. All the cases mentioned in the foregoing synopsis are interesting, and would afford a profitable study, but a detailed report all would entirely too voluminous, and involve much repetition.

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Case I. Originated from a great fright Chorea, followed cardiac lesion Systolic murmur, followed polyarthritis, resulting in complicated valvular disease Extensive endocardial roughening Mitral insufficiency with stenosis the left pulmonary ostium Rapid and extensive dropsy Death.

Willie was in good health the day before the following occurrence While buggy was standing at the door Mr. s residence, and I was within, conversing with that gentleman, then convalescent from recent illness, the cry fire! was raised in the street, and the bright glare filled the apartment. The fire proved disastrous, write a good thesis and concerned property in which the gentleman was interested. Most the family, with himself, went the burning building. At the time, blog content writing services Willie, who was left asleep in an upper chamber, awoke. The noise in the street and the bright glare in his own bed-room caused such terror that his sister's attempt quiet him proved unsuccessful. academic writing help uk Upon being brought down stairs vomited several times, remaining pale and trembling. I was obliged remain late into the night, and found him the next morning still pale. In the next week was corrected his teacher for fumbling with his mla paraphrasing citation right hand while reading at school. By advice the lad was removed from school until should restored.

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