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However, with the small dosages commonly used, the total what is dissertation writing radio-active energy delivered a lesion or tissue beneath the surface very small, and constitutes an extremely small fraction the total radiation can i buy a thesis generated a given quantity radium. Furthermore, our present means employing radium for therapeutic purposes are such as make impossible deliver uniform radiation a lesion any extent the surface. This difficulty magnified many dissertation abstract times when are dealing with a deep lesion the exact extent which cannot outlined accurately. These factors determine in a very large measure the indications for the use radium or roentgen rays. Roentgen rays act at a more uniform intensity mba dissertation over a much wider field than radium rays. Although their intensity decreases rapidly as they pass from the surface deeper and deeper tissue layers, a portion this loss can compensated increasing filtration, focal distance, and the number socalled ports entry. Therefore, if are dealing wit'i an extensive superficial lesion or with a lesion, either superficial or deep, whose exact extent cannot fairly accurately outlined, roentgen rays are the agent choice. Tumors with a tendency metastatic dissemination way the lymphatics, or growths in which metastasis buy an essay online cheap suspected or expected, should treated tilher roentgen rays alone or combined with radium. The neck with its complicated lymphatic system in malignancy the mouth or face, and the thorax and axilla cancer the breast serve as illustrations.

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radium. Although the indications essay editor for students for roentgen rays or radium are usually quite well defined, there are many cases in which both should used in conjunction. As a matter fact, the ideal method treating many malignant tumors a judicious selection or combination surgery, roentgen rays, and radium.

In selected cases, surgery should a preliminary step prepare the field and permit direct visual application the radium, supplemented or not roentgen radiation. help with essay writing If anything really substantial accomplished in the therapy malignant conditions radiation, our procedure must based one essential requirement. The entire involved buy college research papers online area with its lymphatic drainage, must receive a uniform lethal dose, which should delivered, as nearly as possible, during the first treatment.

I not mean imply that necessary give such dosage at one seance, but the treatment should completed within as short a period as the condition the patient and the degree reaction will allow.

To scatter a course treatment oxer a period weeks defeat the very purpose are attempting achieve. If involvement limited and reasonable expect a cure, should aim destroy the malignant elements one attack.

As heavy dosag? as the integrity important neighboring structures will allow should administered with adequate filtration in order minimize as much as possible the deleterious effects the long wave-length portion the radiation.

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Limited radiation with limited dosage used when a cure out the question and only palliation the importance treating the lymphatic system draining the area a malignant tumor cannot overemphasized. Untreated elements not uncommonly show signs activity. This especial importance in carcinoma, the dissemination which lakes place largely way the lymphatic system. Although this consideration might seem self-evident the manifest lesions only are often treated in a scattered fashion and the lymphatic drainage system overlooked. In fact, in most malignant conditions the lymphatic drainage system should treated before attacking the mam lesion. In gen eral, should adopt the same procedure in sarcoma, although in these cases dissemination way the blood stream the rule.

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