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Cobb, Pensacola, cited cases that had been introduced railroads. Dr. Ranch said there was no doubt that cars could sent from New Orleans Chicago without danger, but doubted After a short discussion as whether fever could conveyed a town, save direct communication with an infected town, the following important resolution was presented Mr.

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Whereas The National Board Health has been constituted for the purpose investigating relative the public health, and particularly in epidemic diseases, as the best course pursued, which must in some degree, a matter experiment in ports north Cape Hatteras Resolved That recommend the petition the delegates from the second oldest city in the Union granted, and that the National Board Health take immediate charge and control maritime at the port Pensacola in the event the failure Congress provide means, and also empower the National Board take charge juaractine when called upoa I We respectfully ask that the Navy Department empowered take charge quaraDtine at that port, rather than the Marine Hospital Service the European Union. The committee which had been appointed draft propositions concerning sanitary measures along railroads reported through their chairman, Dr.

Kedzie. The propositions using essay writing service were voted upon in the following purchase custom research papers order a Sanitary condition depots, stations, round-houses, At all seasons the year the depots and surroundings shall kept in a sanitary condition, the grounds well drained and free from stagnant water and decomposing organic matter the water closets shall daily inspected the local railroad agent or oflicial, who shall cause the floor, seats, and urinals kept clean and free from all offensive who will write my paper for me odor the vaults shall emptied often as prevent any large accumulation excremeutal matter, and shall disinfected every week pouring into the vault a cheap custom essay writing services saturated solution the sulphates or chlorides iron or zinc in sufficient quantity remove all offensive The proposition was adopted with little debate.

Cheap term papers online

Quarantine stations railroads. Whenever a railroad write my paper for me fast train departs from an infected station no person with fever shall allowed take passage such train. The baggage from such Infected station shall thoroughly disinfected before leaving such railroad station.

At a point not less than five nor more than seventy-five miles from the point departure from an infected place, there shall an entire transfer passengers and baggage anrther train cars, which train shall never enter an infected district this transfer shall made under best dissertation writing service the supervision a medloal otiicer no person with fever shall allowad proceed this train, but shall return the point departure, or treated in hospital at the place transfer. No sleeping-car shall custom writing essays services allowed remain in an infected town, nor shall any sleeping-car approach nearer an infected place than this point transfer. Any passenger-car leaving an infected place shall thoroughly ventilated daring its passage the place transfer, having not less than one-half the windows the cars open during such passage.

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The upholstered seats uk dissertation writing passenger and sleeping-cars, and the mattresses and pillows sleeping-cars, shall thoroughly whipped or beaten in the open air far as practicable, and brushed free from all dust, and thoroughly aired and sunned at the end each trip the blankets and curtains all sleepingcars shall also beaten and aired in the same way.

The cars which carry freight without breaking bulk may pass without transfer, thesis proposals if the freight-cars are ventilated in such way that a constant current air passes psychology thesis topics through the whole length the car during transit. Way freight should transferred at a point not exceeding miles from the point departure, and the cars from which such freight has high school essay help been transferred shall not proceed further the road, but shall returned the city. After considerable debate upon the principal points the proposition, was unanimously adoped.

The next proposition was at first presented the committee in the form an unanswered question. The sentiment the council expressed itself the proposition. Mails. The mail matter and mail-bags shall heated a temperature degrees Fahrenheit, or otherwise disinfected, before they are sent from infected places railway The proposition was then adopted. The next proposition. Whenever any case yellow fever, or sickness suspected yellow fever, shall found in New Orleans, or in any the Gulf ports, the President the State Board Health Louisiana, or the President the Board Health such ftulf port, shall at once notify all the members this Sanitary Council the Mississippi Valley letter, giving the date and localities such sickness. If the disease becomes epidemic, or spreads such a degree as threatens become epidemic, full information all these points shall given the members this council the State Board Health Louisiana, or President the Board Health any Gulf This, the last the propositions the committee, was, after thorough discussion, adopted.

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