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Lyons, Chief Engineer the Fire Department in Mobile, writes Mr. Silsby, that his Department has in use two Eotary Engines manufactured Silsby, and five Piston Engines different make, and that while the Eotaries more service without bursting, the Piston Engine damages hose the amount or at each fire where they into service.

Aside from the manufacture steam fire engines, Mr. Silsby also deals in patent nozzles, fire hats and belts, badges, hose and couplings, signal lamps, and all fire apparatus. Eleven buildings are occupied, one machine shop, two stories one machme shop, two stories one machine shop, three stories one blacksmith shop, one blacksmith shop, an iron foundry, a brass foundry, a boiler shop, paint and finishing shop, a coppersmith shop, storehouse, cheap article writing service coal-house, and office mechanics are employed, whose payrolls amount, per annum. worth stock aoo A consumed, press release writing service and steam fire engines the value, are manufactured, beside which the item rotary pumps, hose-carriages and hose-couplings amount, a Ji Vr rT ngLnes are in use in the principal cities the Umted btates, and are deservedly popular.

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In Abel Downs commenced the manufacture pumps in the wing the Old Cotton Factory, which was destroyed fire.

He erected a small furnace over the river, and at that time employed but five men.

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After continuing in the business about two years, returned the mercantile business, at the same time purchasing an interest in the hardware trade.

returned the pump busines, and in company essays writing service with John Wheeler and Smith Briggs, under the firm name Wheeler, Briggs Co.

purchased the Old Stone Shop, into which their machinery was moved, and a steam engine introduced drive the machinery. This was the first instance in which steam need help with writing a thesis statement was applied manufacturing purposes in the place, and in that establishment was made the first iron pump manufactured in Seneca Falls. Washburn Race, having received a patent for his improved stove regulator, entered the firm, as subsequently did Silsby and Thompson, obtaining an interest in the Regulator.

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Previously the pump firm was styled Wheeler Downs, and the regulator firm Wheeler, Downs Race.

After the purchase the regulator firm became Race Co. and the pump firm Wheeler Downs.

II. Silsby and Mynderse afterward became interested in the pump business, when the firm was Downs, Mynderse Co. Mr. Wheeler retiring. The business was continued this firm till J, when Seabury Gould purchased Mynderse interest, and the firm became Downs, Silsby Gould. Mr. Silsby retired in the fall the same year, when the firm Downs and Co. was formed, which has since undergone various changes, and now the Downs Co. Manufacturing Company, which engaged in the manufacture suction and force pumps, college essay writing company garden engines, Burrall's Patent Corn Sheller, thimble skeins, pipe boxes, jackscrews, sad irons, amalgam bells, and other articles hardware.

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