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The selection the dotal system does not result from the simple declaration made the husband and wife that they marry without community or that they shall separated as property. In default special stipulations derogating from the system community or modifying the rules established in the first pay someone to write a paper part chapter shall constitute the. All matrimonial agreements shall drawn prior the marriage in an instrument made before a notary.

The notary shall read the parties the last paragraph and also the last paragraph the present article. It shall mentioned in the contract that this reading has taken place, under penalty a fine ten francs against the notary who the offender.

The notary shall deliver the parties at the time signing the contract a certificate unstamped paper and without cost stating his full names and his place residence, the names, first names, occupation and residence the future husband and wife, and also the date the contract.

This certificate shall show that delivered the officer civil status before the celebration the marriage.

They cannot in any way altered after the celebration the marriage.

The changes which might have been made therein before such celebration shall mentioned in an instrument drawn in the same manner as the marriage contract. Moreover, no change or defeasance valid without the presence and simultaneous consent all the persons who have been parties the marriage contract. All changes or defeasances, even wlien made in accordance with the requirements the foregoing article, shall null with respect third parties if they have not been drawn at the end the original marriage contract and the notary shall not able deliver an exemplified copy for execution, nor certified copies, the marriage contract, legit essay writing services without writing out at the end the changes or the defeasances, under penalty damages the parties and under a heavier penalty if proper.

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A minor who able contract marriage able enter into all agreements which such a contract susceptible and the conditions and donations made therein him are valid, provided has had in making the contract the assistance the persons whose consent necessary for the validity the marriage.

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Commimity, whether legal or conventional, commences from the day the marriage contracted before the officer civil status cannot stipulated that shall commence at any other time.

Community which established the simple declaration that the persons marry under the system community, or the non-existence a contract, write my college paper governed the rules contained in the six following.

what forms part the Community as Assets and Suh-sect. Of Community Assets. . Community composed as assets. Of all the personal property which the husband and wife own at the time the celebration the marriage, together with all the personal property which comes them during the marriage, either way succession or even donation, unless the donor has provided differently.'j, all profits, revenues, interest and arrears, whatever nature they may which may have become due or have been collected during the marriage and coming from the property belonging the husband and wife at the time the celebration the marriage, or from the property which has come them during the marriage, in whatever. Of all the real estate which acquired during the marriage. Every piece real estate considered an acquest the community unless proved that the husband or the wife had the ownership or legal possession thereof previously the marriage or unless has come one them since the marriage, way succession or donation. The cut wood and the products quarries and mines form part the community as regards every portion thereof which considered as usufruct in accordance with the rules explained under the Title Of Usufruct, Use and If the cut wood which, according such rules, should have heen made during the community research papers custom has not been made, compensation therefor shall due the husband or wife who not the owner the property or his or If the quarries and mines have been opened during the marriage the products thereof only form part the community subject compensation or an indemnity in favour the husband or wife whom the same may due. Real estate which the husband and wife owned at the time the celebration the marriage or which comes them during its continuance, way inheritance, does Nevertheless, if the husband or wife has acquired some real estate since the marriage contract, but before the celebration the marriage, with the stipulation that should community property, the real estate acquired during that time write custom essays shall form part the community unless the acquisition has been made in consequence some clause the marriage contract, in which case shall dealt with in accordance with the agreement. Donations real estate which are made during the marriage one only the two married persons not form part the community and belong the donee alone, imless the donation expressly states that the thing given shall belong the commimity. Eeal estate left or assigned the father, mother, or other ascendants the husband or wife, either make what due him or her, or upon condition paying the donor's debts third parties, does not form part the community, subject compensation or indemnity.

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