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The same remarks apply satins and velvets. The suit and cloak department Weclisler Brother has always been a great attraction ladies and famous far and wide. All the suits shown here are made after the latest Paris fashions, many being especially imported for the Brooklyn trade, and in elegance style and excellence workmanship are really peerless.

The latest novelties in ladies walking-jackets, Jerseys, etc.

are found here, likewise in vast variety, all quoted at the firm's usual low prices. The lace and millinery departments are in charge competent experts, and embrace every desirable and fashionable shade and shape bonnets. Everything in white goods, linens, and domestic cottons here found the best possible quality at the lowest prices. In woolens, flannels, etc.

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the house has long been famous. Other departments buying essays online are devoted fancy goods, notions, furniture, upholstery, etc. in such bewildering variety that description cheap essay writers impossible. The business annually transacted here amounts upward, and rapidly increasing. Both Samuel and Herman Wechsler give their close personal attention the business, and are held in the highest estimation the community for their executive capacity, integrity, and energy. All their operations are conducted with a scrupulous regard for the interests all their patrons, and business relations once entered into with them are certain become as pleasant as they will profitable and satisfactory He employs an efficient corps clerks, and the interests all patrons are carefully watched and properly guarded.

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Burtis a native Rensselaer County, and known throughout our leading real estate and financial circles as a John Burtis, General Investment Broker, Real Estate Bought, Sold, Exchanged, and Appraised, Loans Negotiated, Gates Avenue and Broadway.

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essay editing service online Among those who occupy a leading position in the real estate business, and whose familiarity with the city Brooklyn has eminently fitted them for this profession, Mr.

John Burtis.

This gentleman a general investment broker, and has been established in the business here since February. He has already gained a prominent and influential patronage among dissertation help service capitalists and investors, and enjoys a large and steadily increasing trade. He gives careful attention the sale, purchase, exchange, rental and appraisal properties, the collecting rents and the negotiation loans also effects insurance homework help story writing with customer essay leading companies in thiseountry and Europe. He represents the Queen Insurance Company, London, and the Phenix Insurance Company, Brooklyn, promptly placing the largest risks at the lowest rates premium best college application essay service and guaranteeing a prompt and liberal adjustment all losses. His reliability as a broker has given him a large and influential patronage all through the city, and renders him a safe and faithful agent with whom place one's property. William Kay, Steam Granite and Marble Works, Twenty-fifth Street, near Fourth Avenue. There nothing old in the history the world as monumental work.

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