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The wife shall bound prove that she has resided in the house selected tchenever she may called upon if she fails make such proof the husband can refuse the alimony, and if the wife plaintiff in the divorce suit can ask that decided that she shall not entitled continue. The wife, lohether plaintiff or defendant in a divorce suit, whose property in common, can at all stages the case, from the date the order mentioned in article, ask for the affixing seals upon the personal property the community for the protection her rights.

These seals shall only removed when an inventory taken with an appraisement, and the husband shall bound produce the things which have been inventoried or answer for their value, as judicial custodian. Any obligation contracted the husband for the community, any conveyance real estate forrrdng part thereof which has made after the date the order mentioned in article shall declared void, if also established that the same has been made or contracted for the purpose defrauding the wife her rights. Of Exceptions Actions for Divorce. An action for divorce shall come an end the reconciliation the husband and wife which has taken pla either since the acts ivhich might have given the right maintain such action or since the action for divorce has been. In either case, shall decided that the plaintiff not entitled maintain his action may nevertheless bring a new action for a cause ichich has arisen since the reconciliation and then can make use the former causes.

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If the plaintiff in a divorce suit denies that there has been a reconciliation, writing company the defendant shall have prove either writings or ivitnesses, in the manner provided the first section the present chapter. Amended Laic July. A husband and wife who have been divorced can no longer The former Chapter art. entitled Of Divorce Mutual Consent, repealed. The articles repealed read as follows. The mutual consent the husband and wife shall not sufficient if the husband less than twenty-five years age, or if the wife a minor less than twenty one years.

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Mutual consent shall only sufficient after two years marriage. It shall no longer sufficient after twenty years marriage, nor when the wife forty-five years age. The mutual consent the husband and wife shall not sufficient in any case if not sanctioned their fathers and mothers, or their other living ascendants, according the rules set down in art.

The husband and wife who are determined obtain a divorce mutual consent, shall bound previously thereto make an inventory and appraisement all their property personal and real, and regulate their respective rights, as which nevertheless they are free compromise. re-united if one them lias contracted a new marriage since the divorce, followed a second divorce.

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They shall likewise help with writing thesis hound put down in writing what they hare agreed as the three following points To whom the children born their marriage shall confided, either during the time the test, or after the divorce decreed To what house the wife shall retire reside during the time the test what sum the husband shall pay the wife during such time, if she has not sufficient means. The husband and wife shall buy thesis online present themselves together and in person before the Civil Tribunal their District, or before the Judge taking its coursework research place, and shall make a declaration their intention in the presence two notaries brought them. The Judge shall make the husband and wife together, and each them separately, in the presence the two notaries, such representations and recommendations as shall think proper. He shall read them Chapter IV. the present cheap custom essay writing services Title, which regulates the Effects help with research papers Divorce, and shall explain them all the consequences the step they. If the husband and wife persist in their determination, shall note in their favour i need help starting an essay the Judge that they seek a divorce, and miitually consent thereto and they shall bound produce and deposit immediately in the hands the notaries, besides the instruments mentioned in art.

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