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The schools are located as follows One in the City Europe, sustained the general government, and the other three in the cities Tuadalajara.

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Jalisco, Monterey, State Nueva buy custom thesis Leon, and in Merida.

State Yucatan, respectively, and are sustained the government those states. The other four, annexes the colleges, are located in Campeache. Oaxaca, Puebla and San Luis Potosi, capitals the states the same names, and are sustained the Physicians, graduates the state schools, may legally practice their profession in such states and not in the capitol, but these physicians nnd those graduates medical schools in Europe, the United States or any other country are not prohibited from practicing the profession in this country.

but if they desire legally they must pass the examination the School Medicine in this capitol, which examination conducted in Spanish, and a thesis some medical subject must also presented written in Spanish.

At the present time there being an effort made modify, the law in respect these examinations, that the persons interested if they present diplomas from reputable best writing essay medical schools may have the examinations less severe and much reduced. The course study at the medical school in the capitol tixed at six years those the states generally they are five or six years. Medical EnucATiox in Europe. a chair medicine was initiated the University Iexico that institution being then twenty five discount essay writing service years ohl and was the first the kind established in the New World. It was called the prima or niornintr class, and the professor was expected cover the vhole field the science, as then was tausrht and was said that managed in the course four irs.

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The student, as the custom then was, was required serve a pupilage under some practitioner for a lonjrer or shorter period. Candidates had previously study Latin and through the ivse arts and astrology or mathematics, and obtain the degree Bachelor In a second chair medicine was founded, which was illed visperas. or evening class. cliairs methodus niedendi and anatomy and surgery were established and later a class dissection and operative surgery was added.

At the end the curriculum the student dissertation team obtained the degree IJachelor Medicine subse uently, after a fresh exaiuin.-iiion, that licentiate and finally, after an interval, that doctor.

In ITlJS a Royal College Surgeons established the model similar colleges then existing in Cadiz and Barcelona. In this college practitioners a lower grade were trained they were called Romancist suygeons, dis tinguish them from the Latin surgeons who studied in the fast custom essays University.

At this colleofe, also, phlebotomists, dentists, bonesetters, niidwives, etc. picked such scraps o£ knowledge as were required for the exercise their several functions. After a time an ordinance was made that no one should allowed matriculate in this school who did not know Latin. a further step was taken for the improvement the professional education the surgeons in the shape an enactment that no one should admitted the school surgery who had not previously obtained the degree Bachelor Philosophy. the two branches the profession were finally, amalgairiated all candidates were required submit examination in medicine and surgery, and the faculty conferred a diploma in both, instead the vnrious diplomas physician, Latin surgeon and Romancist surgeon, which had previously beei given. The numerous political changes which swept over Europe in the years following affected the medical school, which was several times closed college paper writing help and more than once in danger destruction. Largely owing the public spirit its professors, however, managed survive, and under the enlightened administration General Diaz, has now developed into a highly efficient teaching institution.

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